What is GWN?

The Graduate Wellness Network is a student-led initiative to support graduate students, committees, and staff who are passionate about mental health. Through fostering connection among students and staff who are working on mental health promotion and advocacy, we can further improve the mental health landscape at the University of Toronto.

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If you are representing a graduate student mental health group in your faculty or department, with GWN you can:

  • Advertise your next event on our calendar and through our social channels.
  • Connect with leaders from other groups to collaborate and share ideas.
  • View events run by other student groups to get ideas for future events.
  • Learn useful tips on how to run successful events about mental health.
  • Connect with U of T staff in Health and Wellness and the School of Graduate Studies to learn about mental health initiatives at the University.

For all graduate students at UofT, the GWN website can:

  • Help you find mental wellness events run by student groups from across UofT. Click here to check out the full event calendar.
  • Facilitate your learning about best practices for starting a mental health group in your own department. We have collected luseful tips to get your going here!
  • Provide an anonymous space for you to share your thoughts about the mental health landscape at the University of Toronto. To provide anonymous feedback, click here.

For UofT staff and administrators working in the mental health space, with GWN you can:

  • Advertise events for graduate students via existing graduate student groups.
  • Have a ‘direct line’ to a large number of graduate students to get feedback on initiatives.
  • Hear feedback on mental health delivery from students all across UofT.

Upcoming events run by GWN members:

Other resources

Looking for UofT run events or other resources related to mental wellness? Be sure to check out these other sites linked below!


Have some feedback for us? Share it below! You can suggestion ideas for new events or resources we should host. You can also let us know any feedback you have about mental health services and delivery at UofT in general! All you feedback is treated in the strictest confidence. So please share your thoughts freely!